Essaf Amary



I discuss your video goals and needs to generate ideas on how to best tell your story. I will provide examples of different styles and pre-visualization techniques so that you can confidently imagine how you want your story to be told.


I plan, create and collect all the ideas needed to let the magic unfold on camera. Scripting, storyboarding, scheduling, and casting: I have got you covered. I conceptualize, organize, test, and wrap up sign-offs needed to produce your film or video.


The script is brought to life using various equipment and tools for filming day. We take care of the camera, lighting, lenses, sound recording, equipment, movement, and talent needed to turn your story into a masterpiece.


Finally, I cut, paste, and polish your film or video to create an amazing look through story, colour, and sound. Audio, motion graphics, editing, trouble-shooting, compositing, infographics and 3D animation is where it’s at in this phase, and I do it all.


Full package: This includes everything from A-Z. A story, script, videography, directing, editing, colouring and all other things needed for your video to make it come to vision.


Half package: This includes videography, directing & editing.


Individually: You can hire me as a photographer, cinematographer, director, editor, co-producer & actor

For all other enquiries please contact me